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Losing weight is difficult and there are so many new diets and weight loss methods that come out every day that is becomes difficult to keep track of what is safe and effective and what is just a waste of time.

Slimming patches are not a new idea but the industry has had some difficulty creating a safe product that works. If you are looking into the Slimming Patch offered from Body by Orsini than I believe that you are on the right track.

In Summary this slimming patch claims to:

Kickstart metabolism
Suppress appetite
Boost energy
Burn stubborn belly fat
Increase blood flow
Reduce bloating
Hydrate skin

Body by Orsini Slimming Patch Ingredients
The beautiful thing about this product is that it is formulated using all natural ingredients so it is completely safe. They do not use any shoddy chemicals, this is a all natural product which is amazing! Here are the main ingredients in the Slimming Patch that work to burn belly fat:

Capsaicin : Extracts from this pepper target and destroy cellulite
Sophoricoside : helps to reduce weight and promote excess weight burning
Salicornia: this functions as a antioxidant and helps with keeping the skin hydrated
Catechin: reduces body fat and increased the body’s metabolism. Also increase the body’s blood circulation
Caffeine: suppresses your appetite, aids in thermogenesis and boosts the metabolism
This is a 100% natural product so you can be confident in it’s safety with no side effects.

How does the Slimming Patch Work?
This is a very thin adhesive patch that sticks to your midsection throughout the day. It is not noticeable through clothing. As you wear it the natural fat burning ingredients get absorbed through your skin and work to help you lose weight.

​Using the Slimming Patch is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Apply the patch on the skin

2. Remove after 6-8 hours

3. Lose weight!

Benefits of using the Body by Orsini Slimming Patch
Improves health and promotes weight loss in the body
100% natural and formulated with natural ingredients that have a strong history of weight loss benefits
positive results and experiences from those that have used the slimming patch
Stimulates the body to burn fat
Boosts the metabolism
Increases energy levels
Reduces inches around your waist
Gets rid of fat deposits in those trouble areas around the body
Clinically tested to work


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15 Slimming Patches

4 reviews for Pack Fit Slimming Patch 15 pcs

    Patricia D.
    Worked for me
    Seems they worked for me, ordered again and waiting for more patches.
    body by orsini slimming patches reviews
    Linda M.
    A feeling of heating
    It is very easy to use and you feel from the first use a feeling of heating.
    Janet B.
    I don't have too much time
    I don't have too much time and for the cost, this kit really helped me.
    Kelly F.
    At the top everything is well written and explain well
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